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Fly Laser Marking Machine in different Industries
Abstract: Whith the development of the technology, more and more human beings start to pay attention to the mark on the products, like wire, food, drinking, wine, etc. Especially in the food and drinking industry, tranditional inkjet printer hasn't been the best and only choice, as it can't meet the public's demand of the mark. So a new kind of marking machine was born, laser marking machine, which has been widely used in food and drinking, wire, etc, because of its clear marking, permanent marking and environmental friendly. Following please let me have a brief introduction of the application of laser marking machine.

Firstly, food and drinking industry. The laser marking machine is muilti functions, not only can print producing batch number in single line, but also can print expiry date, manufacture date, variable serial number in several lines once. Normally, the manufacturer wants two lines marking, the expiry date and manufacture date. And the marking speed of the laser marking machine can be 70000pcs/hour, and we call this kind of laser as a fly laser marking machine. The character size can be changed as the producer want. So no matter on the sticker label or the aluminum foil bag or the plastic bottle, the fly laser marking machine can mark speedy and clear.

Then, wine industry.  The laser marking machine has played a very important roal in the wine industry. The manufacturer of wine focus on the personalization of the product, and they also want to show the individualization of their product through package. However, there will be several manufacturer using the similar even same package, then how will the public distinguish A from B? So a unique mark is necessary to distinguish each other. Another problem is forged and fake commodities, someone Producers of shoddy sell his products in bad quality with the same price of the good products, which has very bad influence for the good manufacturers.  At first, the manufacturer adopted an inkjet printer, but the printing can be easy to rub off. So now the laser marking machine has been used in this industry because of its permanent marking and fly speed. 
Thirdly, wire industry. The laser marking machine has been widely used in wire industry, not only because of its permanent marking and high speed, but also its  Intelligence. For example, the manufacturer requires to print an information in 2m length, and the spacing between each is 1m. So a counter and encoder need to be installed in the laser marking machine, then counter will send a "PRINT" signal to the laser marking machine everytime when the counter finishes counting 1000pcs pulse, then the laser marking machine start to print. And the encoder can ensure the evenly marking. 

In conclusion, the laser marking machine will be more and more important in the early future, and more and more manufacturer wil prefer a laser marking machine as their marking helper.
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