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Advantage Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Abstract: the fiber laser marking machine has many advantages which make it will accelerate the global laser marking machine&laser cutting territory expansion of the market.Market penetration of high power fiber laser marking machine will set off a frenzy in the field of system supply.

  1.Fiber laser marking machine is likely to grab market share from CO2 laser printing machine supplier.In the eyes of suppliers for high power CO2 laser printer, fiber laser is gradually becoming a growing and competitive rivals.

  2.Fiber laser marking machine can absorb those new system integrators who haven't show interest in CO2 laser printer, to extend the fiber cutting machine,fiber marking machine market.

  3.Nowadays, many global enterprises with system integration supply plate cutting machine,most of the measures that add fiber laser products to their marketing mix when they meet new competition.
 As global economy achieve recovery growth and high speed development of ,laser technology has been widely used in aerospace, rail transportation, automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing and other key industries.

  Fiber laser printer pump sources are used by telecom level high power single core semiconductor module , the MTBF of more than 100000 hours, single cell junction semiconductor module don't need water, and can be easily with extremely high efficiency imported double cladding fiber, no need complex optical focus and light system.Single cell junction can produce the same high as the array output power, higher beam quality and longer running time.Fiber laser active optical fiber core diameter is very small, avoid the traditional laser with the thermal lens effect, the energy transfer is conducted in the optical waveguide, no discrete components, fiber Bragg grating in alternatives to traditional laser cavity mirror, a cavity, no need adjustment and maintenance,these characteristics that   in process of fiber laser printer requires minimal maintenance.

  Fiber laser marking machine has small volume, light weight, compact structure, flexible such as these features convenient for integration into the movement of light transmission system;These lighter components, the application of fewer components and lighter structure, which can be high-speed move, while guarantee the accuracy, reduce the movement of energy consumption, at the same time for the manufacturer to save a lot of the space cost.

  Fiber laser  printer with high stability,under shock, vibration, high temperature or dusty workshop,it can still work normally,  laser marking machine have showed a high tolerance.

  Fiber laser is the lowest comprehensive cost of laser printer, can save a lot of costs.As a result of the fiber laser electro-optical conversion efficiency as high as 30 ℅,  reducing the effectiveness of the power and cooling costs.as an 2 mm thick stainless steel example,With 2 kw power fiber laser printer and CO2 laser printer using liquid nitrogen cutting, fiber laser printer than CO2 laser can save cost ¥33.94 per hour,if according to the calculation work 7200 hours one year, from single electricity part, a set of 2 kw fiber laser printer than CO2 laser printer (as same power) can save cost as much as ¥ 250000 a year;At the same time, fiber laser cutting speed as twice as CO2 laser cutting, coupled with the late maintenance and covers an area of cost etc,make fiber laser cutting machine, marking machine become the first selection of many processing factories.

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